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About Susan
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Susan used dowsing to get past her own health crisis and is committed to sharing techniques she has learned from the many teachers she has had over the years. She was President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers from 2003 to 2006, and was named Dowser of the Year in 2006. She is a full-time, Personal Management Consultant and Professional Dowser who has presented at a variety of international and regional conferences in North America, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Susan has a dynamic, global Consulting Practice offering remote and in-person services and is the author of a successful series of books on dowsing techniques. Susan was the 2014 Keynote Dowser at the ASD National Convention in Vermont and a Featured Presenter at the ASD West Coast Conference in California.

As a speaker, she has shared the stage with Bradley Nelson, Lynne McTaggart, Donna Eden, Gregg Braden, Grahame Gardner, Christian Kyriacou, Grahame Hancock, Stephan Schwartz and the leading dowsers of her generation, including the late Walt Woods, Harold McCoy, Slim Spurling, Joe Smith, Gary Skillen, Bruce Magill and many more. She has also presented with the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Stanton Friedman and Don Donderi.

Her strong business background helped Susan develop her Personal Management Consultant practice. She describes her career: "Way back in 1979 I was hired by a startup internet company in Canada to manage the design and development of on-line applications. I managed a variety of graphics, marketing and sales teams and was responsible for introducing a variety of new telecommunications products in Canada, and supporting sister start-up operations in the United States.

She is a founding partner of International Dowsers offering dowsing services globally.

"My corporate career ground to a halt when my health gave out in my late twenties. My road back from chronic illness led me to dowsing (the detection and transformation of energy) after both regular and alternative medical therapies were ineffective in treating the rheumatoid arthritis that had severly compromised my mobility.

Now I combine the management skills developed in my corporate career with the intuitive skills honed in my energy practice to provide integrated Personal Management Consulting services to assist people and businesses in ways that traditional consulting methods do not provide. The proof of the effectiveness of this approach are in the positive results that clients experience. Testimonials

I now offer personal services and teach my methods extensively. Along the way I have written several books that provide the information you need to learn how to bring balance to your own life. I am here to support you."

Read the feature article on Susan in the September, 2004 Era-Banner

Read a detailed resume

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"Water For Life"
Atlantic Dowsers Society

White Eagle named Susan "Carrier of the Sacred Water,
Water Woman" at the 2014 ASD National Convention.

Susan was the Keynote Dowser
at the ASD National Convention in Vermont.

Happy Days at the
West Coast Conference.

Photo by Nicolas Finck, July 2014

Susan at the SWC conference,
Flagstaff,AZ. 2013
Photo: Linda Carfagno

Susan at the Oxford University School
of Metaphysics where she is complet-
ing a study on the nature of reality.

Susan and Lynne McTaggart at the
ASD 2011 conference in Vermont.

Susan and White Eagle at his workshop
Walking the Ancient, Sacred Medicine Wheel.
Oct, 2013

Susan, at left, demonstrating at
International Dowsing Day, May 5, 2012 at the
Aurora Farmers Market, ON

Susan and Grahame Gardner
(BSD President) at Clava, Scotland.
Sept. 2011

Susan, far right, teaching water well dowsing at the Questers
conference in Alberta in June, 2011.

Susan (yellow jacket) planted a tree to honour
Canadian mothers at CanAm 1, Harrison Hotsprings,
B.C., May, 2004

Susan and Manyhorses at a workshop
in Ontario, Sept., 2005

Susan discusses dowsing on Insights,
Rogers Television, December, 2004.

Susan demonstrates using L-rods to find
water for VRLand News, Barrie.

Pearl Nicolino, Gladys McCoy, Susan Collins and
Karen Ashley at the ASD West Coast Conference, 2006.

Susan demonstrates dowsing on Breakfast Television.

Susan was CSD Dowser of the Year

Susan at the West Coast Conference

Susan and the late, great Walt Woods.

Susan and Ed Stillman, the Water
Wizard of Sedona do some field work.

Susan Collins, Joan Nathanson (past presidents of the CSD) join Kathy Wilson (2010-2011 President),
at a media day in Hamilton, ON to promote the 2011 CSD conference.

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